How to Know Your Hotel Before Booking?

How to Know Your Hotel Before Booking?


Booking a hotel is an essential part of visiting any place. Getting the right hotel is very necessary for you as well as your family for a safe and enjoyable trip. Your entire trip can get spoilt if you land up in a hotel that gives you the worst experience in life. The hotel on your trip need not be luxurious, but it has to be comfortable. Here are some of the things you must check before booking your hotel so that you don’t end up in hell.

Check the photos very well-

The emergence of social media and websites help to give you all information and pictures about all hotels in all places which you want to know. It is now effortless to check the photos of the place you are thinking of putting up at. It is mandatory that you check all the images very well. Don’t just decide to go by the outer façade of the hotel believing it to be true. At times the pictures are taken and edited to trick the visitors. The rooms may be deliberately made to look bigger and cleaner than they actually are. Go through the pictures uploaded by the visitors very carefully to look into all the aspects of the hotels including the rooms, bathrooms, food, ambience, etc. Photos taken by the guests help in giving you a far more realistic view of the hotel.

Check all the information available about the hotel-

Do not miss out any information available about the hotel on the website. Go through all the information about the exact location, distance from station or airport, tour packages available, sightseeing facilities, food plans, etc. These help you to plan your trip accordingly or help in cutting costs. At times the hotels may say that they are close to the station or airport but are in fact too far away from both the station and the sights that you wish to visit. Always trust Google Map in this case for the most accurate information. Check the actual distance of the hotel from the local sights as well as the station and airport facilities to be sure about everything.

Compare prices before booking-

Compare the booking prices of the hotel before you pay the money. At times it is more feasible to book the rooms through booking websites as they offer great deals and discounts. Various discount coupons like Amba hotels discount code and others can be applied at the checkout to make huge savings on hotel room bookings. On the other hand, at times it may be better to make a direct reservation through the hotel website. Thus, you must compare the prices before paying the money for the room.

Check the list of services provided-

You must have a clear idea about the services offered by the hotel. Ensure that you have all that you wish to get by going through the list of services on the hotel website.  Most hotels provide car rentals, tour guides, television, 24 hours running water, hot water, Wi-Fi, laundry and room service.

Learn about the food plans-

You must know whether you are getting a complimentary breakfast along with the room tariff or what costs are included in the package per head. The tariff list usually mentions whether the hotel policy has a European plan meant for only lodging or an American plan including breakfast and dinner.

How to Know Your Hotel Before Booking?

Read all reviews carefully-

It is of utmost importance to read all the visitor reviews carefully before finalising your hotel. It is true that every person has his or her views and there may be differences in likes and dislikes. Some may find a basic room too simple and boring while for others it may be sufficient and comfortable. However, it is also necessary that you read all the opinions of the people who have stayed there to get essential information which you will get nowhere else. Hotel websites will never tell you about their flaws, but the visitors will mention in their reviews about dirty bed sheets, unsafe location, etc. A lot of negative reviews mean that the hotel is not at all suitable for staying. For instance, you may get to know minute details like whether the washroom taps are in working condition or if the room service is up to the mark or if the food served is adequately cooked. Reading both positive and negative reviews are needed to come to an honest decision about the hotel. It also helps you to compare hotels before finalising them.