Online Poker - Is it on the Up and Up or Run by Shady Personalities?

Online Poker – Is it on the Up and Up or Run by Shady Personalities?


My point of view will certainly mean nothing to the 10s of thousands of people that play online poker. They will justify its legitimacy to the end and will certainly just get downright nasty with the comments. They have all the reasons and responses and comply within a good neat line like lemmings reviewing a high cliff. They have most likely lost hundreds if not thousands of bucks to these online poker sites and have to warrant it so they won’t really feel ridiculous.

My viewpoint is that online poker is the biggest rip-off the internet has to provide. It’s best up there with the enlarge your penis people although I have actually not attempted this product I truly do not think it would certainly help. I have dipped into the majority of the online websites and some are better after those others but also for one of the most components they are just the same. It appears that after you make a down payment you seem to do well however as time goes on your money will certainly dwindle to nothing and after that whammy. For more

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Online Poker - Is it on the Up and Up or Run by Shady Personalities?

You have no more money in your account and have to make an additional down payment. The beats you take online are amazing and it seems that all these online websites cater to poor players and I believe it’s because they need to. So the excellent gamers won then these negative gamers would certainly not believe they have an opportunity and never make an additional deposit and like any kind of organization I know these poker people want return company so they need to award poor play.

With this last statement you can understand that I am accusing online poker to be dealt with. But I never stated it was fixed I said I thought it was a scam. You can take the very best player in the world, provide him 100 bucks and see if he can come to be a shining star within that poker site. I claim the answer is no. It might have occurred once or twice maybe but it’s not most likely to occur typically and this is the dimension of the deposits that all these online websites hop on the average.